About NTT LOGISCOCorporate Profile

Origin of the Company Name

NTT LOGISCO Inc. , an NTT Group company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT).

It was established in November 1991 as NTT-PD Kikaku Inc. and transformed into the only total logistics corporation in the NTT Group in April 1994, inheriting employees and assets from NTT’s Logistics Department. It was named NTT LOGISCO, which is an abbreviation of LOGistics Integration Service with COmmunication.

It expresses the will to become the best business partner to its customers, building a relationship of trust with them by providing the NTT Group’s integrated services of information communication technologies and logistics engineering and horizontally integrating services across several types of customer logistics, placing communication as the key.

Taking pride in the spirit of the company’s establishment, we have come together under the slogan “LOGISCO One Team” and constantly strive to become a leading 3PL company with a customer-centric philosophy at our core.

Our industry leading 3PL Services

We provide industry leading 3PL services through our secure logistics systems and optimum SCM, taking advantage of the NTT Group’s information technology capabilities.

We realize industry leading 3PL services by providing consulting services to achieve desirable SCM with overall optimization, establishing optimum logistics systems, providing impressive warehouse operations, promoting cost reduction and gain sharing and staying ahead of environmental changes.

Our industry leading 3PL Requirements

  • 1
    Consulting services designed to achieve desirable SCM with overall optimization

    NTT LOGISCO provides customers with an optimum logistics service plan, being aware of competition between our customers and their competitors and using SCM based on practices and characteristics specific to the industries that the customers belong to. We also strive to implement innovation and improvements together with customers by increasing the efficiency and optimization of their entire process including inventory management from a logistics perspective and providing improvement consulting services to help them develop desirable SCM.

  • 2
    Establishing optimum logistics system

    NTT LOGISCO set up a site, arrange the transportation network, and design material handling and operations, responding to customers’ issues and satisfying their requests on logistics and establish the best logistics system for them. We offer the best logistics service plan through the visualization of customers’ logistics in a quantitative way, designing logistics based on assessments using simulation tools, logistics information systems that concentrate extensive experience and know-how, new technologies such as IoT and AI in line with the NTT Group, the introduction of leading-edge material handling, and automated operations by robotics.

  • 3
    Impressive logistics site operations

    NTT LOGISCO provides high-quality logistics services to customers with our LOGISCO Production System (LGPS)-based operations developed on the basis of the Toyota Production System (TPS). This LGPS-based operation allows customers to reduce the lead time from the start to the end of operations and realize smooth seamless logistics, proving that the higher the quality becomes, the lower the cost. It is a matter of course to satisfy our customers, but it is one of our 3PL requirements to provide logistics site operations that both satisfy and impress customers.

  • 4
    Cost reduction and gain-sharing

    NTT LOGISCO gain an overview of the customer’s supply chain from the perspective of their logistics planning and management departments, and propose the most efficient and rational logistics system. We make active efforts to reduce customers’ distribution amount and cost, although it can reduce our gain, and establish a win-win relationship with customers through gain sharing to share in the outcomes.

  • 5
    Staying ahead of changes

    In the labor-intensive logistics industry, it is common knowledge that we may face a logistics crisis in the future due to the escalation of the labor shortage. We foresee environmental changes in the future such as increased freight charges for trucks and labor costs, the promotion of laborsaving in logistics using new technologies including IoT, AI and robotics, the introduction of sharing services including joint delivery services in a prompt manner, and the provision of customers with an optimum logistics environment where they can make maximum use of various resources.