Corporate Citizenship DeclarationCSR


NTT LOGISCO declares its corporate citizenship
and aims to become a company that fulfills its CSR obligations.

NTT LOGISCO thinks valuing customers means to value society at large and declares its corporate citizenship,
being aware that the company is a member of society.

We would like to comply with social rules, provide appropriate information management and fair business practices,
and engage in conservation of the global environment while making a social contribution.
We aim to become a company trusted by customers that fulfills its CSR obligations.

Corporate Citizenship Declaration

To ensure the development of social trust, we will consistently work hard every day, keeping self-awareness, responsibility and harmony in mind.

  • Self-awareness

    • Comply with every law, regulation and rule.
    • Resolutely oppose antisocial acts.
    • Respect the personality and individuality of all individuals.
  • Responsibility

    • Strive to ensure appropriate information management and use.
    • Establish fair and equitable relationships with customers
    • Strive to develop an employee-friendly workplace
  • Harmony

    • Strive to preserve the global environment
    • Have a sense of gratitude for regional society
    • Engage in social contribution

This declaration is made to declare the responsibilities of all employees who engage in the business of NTT LOGISCO Group. In the event of noncompliance, we will locate the cause thereof and take appropriate action to prevent recurrence.