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Information that Company Requests from Users of Company Website

This website is operated in order to provide information regarding NTT LOGISCO Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”).
Upon usage of the Company website, provision of personal information may be required for some contents (when necessary for questionnaires, inquiries, mailing list registration, etc.). The information requested is mainly Personal Information that becomes necessary in order for the Company to provide information regarding its service, such as the name, e-mail address, phone number, address and billing address of the customer.

Provision of any other requested information is optional except for essential items, and such provision may be made at the discretion of the customer. For clarity, the Company will not modify any information provided without the consent of the customer.
Please note that the Company may share the information provided by the customer to a third party (Contractor *1) within the minimum and essential extent (for example, providing the customer name and address to a company contracted to perform delivery, etc.).

For the avoidance of doubt, the information owner may contact the “Contact Point” with any request for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of their Personal Information, as well as a request for notification of the utilization purpose, utilization suspension, deletion or provision suspension to the contractor thereof. In such case, the presentation of an Identification Document may be required for verification purposes.
Special Notes: Please note that the Personal Information entrusted by other entities to the Company is not subject to the Personal Information disclosure request lodged to the Company.

Details of the “Contact Point” are as follows:

General Affairs Division, Planning and General Affairs Department, NTT LOGISCO Inc. Phone Number: +81-3-6436-8111

The Company will take necessary measures within a reasonable extent to protect the privacy of customers visiting the Company website.
The Company may revise the above policy. In such case, all revisions will be notified through the Company website.

*1 Contractors are limited to those businesses that satisfy the contractor selection criteria of the Company.

About Cookies

When you revisit this website, cookies make your experience of the site more convenient. They do not infringe upon your privacy and have no adverse effect on your computer.

Internet browser settings do allow you to block cookies and doing so will not hinder your browsing of the site. Please inquire with the software manufacturers for browser setting methods.

NTT may use browsing information, etc. collected using cookies (including information collected by third parties) for the following purposes.

  1. To improve the operations of this website through analysis of site browsing information, etc.
  2. To distribute behavioral targeting advertisements through third-party companies

If you do not want behavioral targeting ads to be displayed, refer to the opt-out pages of the following third-party companies to disable use of cookies and set your browser to not display the ads.

Cookies and Web Beacon

The Company website uses Cookies and Web Beacon.
Cookies refer to information exchanged between the web browser within the computer of the customer visiting the website and the server of the website, which enables identification of each customer’s browser. Web Beacon refers to a small image file (also referred to as “Clear GIF”) embedded in websites, which enables checking whether a customer has visited the applicable website, as well as the number of such visits, etc.

The Company uses Cookies and Web Beacon for the purpose of statistical analysis of the Company website usage, advertising effectiveness measurement, etc. These usages are to provide better information and service to customers.

The customer can block the receipt of Cookies by modifying their browser settings. Such modification will not affect the browsing activities of the Company website. For instructions as to how to modify the browser settings, please contact the software manufacturer.

Access Log

The Company website records the information of those who access the Company website in the form of an access log.
This access log may be used for statistical analysis of the Company website usage and studies for the improvement of user-friendliness thereof, and research and cause investigations against system failure or unauthorized access. The access log includes communication information (access date/time, IP address, domain name, addresses of visited websites, search keywords, link source, webpage visit duration, and service provider location) of the customer, but it cannot identify the customer as a specific individual.

Ownership of Copyright and Information

Any rights to all of the information provided on the Company website as well as copyrights and portrait rights to any text, video, image and audio belong to the Company or right holder that grants license to the Company for usage of such righted materials. Any duplication, public dissemination, translation, adaption, screening, etc. of any of the contents of the Company website without the consent of the Company is prohibited.

Disclaimer and Liability Limitation

The Company website shall be used under the responsibility of each customer.
The Company will not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from the usage of information obtained from the Company website or any other external website linked from the Company website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Although the Company website is accessible from countries all over the world with different laws, any person accessing the Company website and the Company shall, irrespective of any difference in such legal principles, agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinances with respect to the usage of the Company website. The Parties further agree that any disputes in relation to the usage of the Company website shall be subject to the primary and exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court, unless otherwise provided.

Links to Website

Please feel free to create a link to the Company website, as long as the following rules are adhered to:

  1. Please use a text link to the URL of in principle, clearly indicating such link is to the Company website. Since displaying the Company website within a browser window of the link source website may cause confusion to users regarding the source of information, please appropriately configure the link to open the Company website in a separate window.
  2. When you wish to create a link using the Company logo or image file, please contact us with the Inquiry Form, stating the URL of the website for which you wish to create such link.
  3. Creating a link to the Company website from the following websites is strictly prohibited.
    • A website that defames or obstructs the Company, its business and service, etc. or contains any content that damages the credibility of, or infringes any rights of the Company
    • A website that is involved in, or contains information that is involved in, the breaching of any laws, ordinances, rules, other regulations, public order or social ethics
    • A website that uses content from the Company website by making it appear indistinguishable from the content of the Company website or it is unclear that the content comes from the Company website, by using a link that utilizes a browser window within the link source website or other means
    • A website that uses the corporate or brand logo of the Company without permission

Efforts Toward “Web Accessibility” by NTT Group

The NTT Group is committed to ensuring and improving the accessibility of its websites to enable usage by a wider range of users including elderly and disabled people.
The main page of the NTT official website is already compliant with level AA of JIS X 8341-3. The NTT Group will also continue to improve the accessibility of other pages in accordance with the following NTT Group Web Accessibility Policy.

<The NTT Group Web Accessibility Policy>

The NTT Group sets policies regarding all official websites of NTT Group companies headquartered in Japan in accordance with JIS X 8341-3:2016 *2, and aims for all such websites to be “compliant *3” with level AA of such Guideline.

※2. JIS X 8341-3:2016 refers to “Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities-Information and communications equipment, software and services - Part 3: Web content”, which is a part of the Japanese Industrial Standard.

※3. The description of “compliant” is in accordance with the terms provided in the Description Guideline for Degree of Web Contents Compliance with JIS X 8341-3:2016, March 2016 Version (published on March 22, 2016) (opens in a separate window). It represents the fact that the accessibility policy for the applicable contents has been established and published, a test based on JIS X 8341-3:2016 has been performed on such contents, and such contents are confirmed to satisfy all of the attainment criteria.

Inquiry Contact Point Regarding Web Accessibility General Affairs Division, Planning and General Affairs Department, NTT LOGISCO Inc.
7F Heiwajima Butsuryu Center, 1-1-2 Heiwajima, Ota, Tokyo 143-8530 JAPAN
Phone Number:+81-3-6436-8111