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NTT LOGISCO is offering 3PL suggestions covering procurement (purchase) operations in addition to the conventional logistics operations.NTT LOGISCO’s inventory management solutions are a service that supports the inventory optimization and procurement (purchase) operations of clients.

The expected effects of inventory optimization include the improvement of the cash flow of customers, the reduction of missed sales opportunities by reducing product shortage, and the increase of new items by reducing storage spaces, thereby realizing optimal supply chain management (SCM).

NTT LOGISCO proposes optimal inventory management solutions
based on the distribution styles of clients.

Inventory diagnosis service

NTT LOGISCO’s inventory diagnosis service is based on the inventory management system, Zairaku, which was uniquely developed by NTT LOGISCO. Zairaku conducts quantitative investigation, analysis, and diagnosis based on the actual inventory data of clients using analytical methods such as the analysis of months in possession, ABC analysis (focused management analysis), analysis of idle inventory, analysis of excess inventory, and inventory compression simulation.

NTT LOGISCO will present the result of the diagnosis in the Inventory Diagnosis Report that objectively evaluates inventories based on benchmark indexes that compare data with other companies in the same industry. The estimated effect of using the inventory management service based on the inventory compression simulation can also be presented.

Inventory diagnosis service

Inventory diagnosis service flow

  1. Interview
  2. Reception of actual data
  3. Data analysis
  4. Inventory diagnosis
  5. Submission of the Inventory Diagnosis Report

Inventory management service

NTT LOGISCO’s inventory management service uses the inventory management system, Zairaku, which was uniquely developed by NTT LOGISCO, to forecast the demand for products based on acceptance and shipment data and order schedule parameters to suggest the proper amount of inventory and orders to the clients.

The coordination between the daily acceptance and shipment data obtained through the WMS and Zairaku automatically discovers the demand trend and produces forecasts. The system also makes adjustments to parameters, such as the selection of the ordering method, the setup of service rates, and the setup of the procurement lead time, to suggest the amount of inventory and orders to the clients with higher precision.NTT LOGISCO also suggests the reevaluation of the demand forecast models using an alarm monitoring function and optimal inventory management using the KPI management of the inventory status.NTT LOGISCO realizes the best possible supply chain management (SCM) by distributing the client’s products without missing opportunities and without having an excess or shortage to minimize the cash conversion cycle (CCC).

Inventory management service

Inventory optimization consultation

The inventory optimization consultation of NTT LOGISCO is a service that solves various problems of clients concerning inventory, proposes improvements, and supports the actual implementation and operations. NTT LOGISCO proposes improvements to challenges that many client companies are facing concerning inventory at distribution centers and supports the implementation of the improvements.

Frequently occurring challenges in inventory management

  • The overall inventory volume is large, and there is a shortage of storage space.
  • While products are often kept in storage for a long time, some products are in shortage.
  • Products are often being disposed of at the end of the year.
  • Inventories are frequently being taken, and discrepancies are also occurring.
  • Only a specific staff member can perform inventory management and order processing, and the operation depends on him/her.
Inventory optimization consultation

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