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NTT LOGISCO’s 24-hour emergency delivery service quickly delivers necessary items in necessary amounts from bases around Japan to destinations whenever needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Outline of the service

When machinery breaks down or an emergency operation occurs at a medical facility, or when an IT system malfunctions during an operation, NTT LOGISCO’s 24-hour emergency delivery service delivers necessary devices and components to the designated destination.
This service delivers necessary materials and goods, such as urgently needed medical testing devices as well as implants and tools used in orthopedic surgeries, to medical facilities whenever needed.
In an emergency delivery of IT systems, we arrange necessary procedures to restore systems, such as the delivery, replacement of parts or components, and setup of necessary components in case of trouble, such as a server malfunction in the operating systems.

Areas where the service is available Around Japan with bases designed to suit the lead time requested by a client (Sales bases for medical devices requiring advanced management are now increasing.)
Logistics information system The inspection RMA system/24-hour emergency delivery system independently developed by NTT LOGISCO is used as the platform to realize the integrated management and emergency distribution of maintenance materials.
Range of the service Integrated service covering the 24-hour delivery service of maintenance materials, pick-up of malfunctioning items, isolation of the causes of the malfunction, and the arrangement of new maintenance materials
Advantages of this system Necessary maintenance parts are delivered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to necessary destinations. The inventory of maintenance parts can be reduced by gathering the maintenance parts that clients used to keep at business bases and moving them to emergency delivery bases.

Use of this service in the medical device logistics

The specialized delivery order processing center makes emergency delivery arrangements with the 24-hour system regardless of the time of day to deliver items from sales bases designated for medical devices requiring advanced management. In case of a device malfunction or emergency operation, medical testing devices, implants, and tools used in orthopedic surgeries which become urgently needed for diagnosis, testing, and surgery at medical facilities are quickly and securely delivered to sites where people’s lives are at stake.

Use of this system in the IT device logistics

The 24-hour emergency delivery service for the IT device logistics has a specialized order processing center to make emergency delivery arrangements for specified parts and components from bases across Japan. NTT LOGISCO delivers maintenance materials and components and alternative devices entrusted by clients to respond to system trouble caused by problems in their machinery. Delivery service with a specified delivery time is also available as an option.

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