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NTT LOGISCO Inc. Representative Director and President KOJI NAKAE

NTT Logisco has begun in April 1994 as a 3PL company of the NTT Group, with the logistics department of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) becoming independent.

We have contributed to the management of our customers by applying the logistics cost reduction methods and know-how for improving logistics quality cultivated in the logistics of the NTT Group to the logistics of many customers other than the NTT Group.
IT equipment logistics that also inspects and sets communication equipment and IT equipment, medical equipment logistics that handles artificial joints and catheters, communication sales logistics of cosmetics and health foods, 24-hour emergency delivery of communication equipment and medical equipment, joint medical equipment We continue to grow as a 3PL company that proposes and outsources logistics reforms to customers in various industries and industries with unique services such as the delivery service "Medical Liner ®".
Currently, we have formed the NTT Logisco Group together with "NTT Logisco Service," which is responsible for on-site logistics operations that connect customers and end users. We are working hard every day as a group to continue to evolve.

To realize the management vision "We are a company that continues to evolve the logistics of our customers and creates a beautiful and transparent flow for our customers and society" formulated in October 2019, we are "safe and cutting-edge to satisfy our customers." We are working on a daily basis with the mission of "contributing to the optimization of our customers' supply chains" by providing "logistics".
In addition to the safety of information security, which is becoming more and more important these days, we ensure that our customers are "safe" by thoroughly implementing the basics of logistics, which is to deliver the products entrusted to us by our customers to their destinations reliably and accurately. We promise to provide "safe logistics" and promote automation and efficiency utilizing the latest technologies such as AI and IoT and robotics that utilize the strengths of the NTT Group companies to meet the needs of our customers. We will propose "advanced 3PL service".
In addition to the track record of leading the logistics DX for the entire NTT Group, we will utilize our abundant experience as a 3PL company in distinctive fields such as cosmetics, health foods, and medical equipment to hide in our daily logistics operations. We will seek out hints for "supply chain efficiency" and propose improvements to our customers by taking advantage of the strengths of the logistics site.

As a supply chain DX partner that solves customers' problems, NTT Logisco will continue to work to reduce customers' logistics costs and optimize the entire supply chain to help customers improve their corporate value.

Representative Director and President
Koji Nakae