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The importance of SCM for business activities

Business activities deliver value to consumers through products and services. Today, in this age of material abundance, the value of products or the value of companies largely depends on the method of delivery of their products. Timely delivery of services (for example beauty services) is achieved through thorough preparation of supplies. The importance of the supply chain has been increasing more and more in the internet era. It must continue being reinvented according to changes in the business environment and technologies.

SCM is to not only manage daily operations but also provide comprehensive management from the development of a framework where information, things, and cash flow through the establishment of organization and network in order to maximize cash flow. Companies must shed the idea of “quality sells” and lead in the innovation of how to deliver things to maximize their value.

For the innovation, they must comprehensively review the entire supply chain, including how to create and sell things and services. The innovation cannot be achieved by improving individual functions. NTT LOGISCO supports the basis of your company’s growth through daily operations and helps innovate in how to deliver things.

SCM Consulting

What is supply chain management (SCM)?

SCM is a business management technique to optimize the flow from the procurement of raw materials and parts, manufacturing, distribution, and sales to delivery to the end-consumers (supply chain). Supply Chain Management is abbreviated as SCM.

Ideal SCM utilizing the NTT Group’s strength,
ICT (Information Communication Technology)

NTT LOGISCO is an only total logistics company in the NTT Group. We design ideal SCM utilizing NTT Group’s strength, ICT (Information Communication Technology) through the best alliance with NTT Group companies. Taking advantage of our next generation SCM consulting services, we make maximum use of various IT solutions and automation solution in the SCM field.

SCM consulting services that
maximize customers corporate values

With the diversified consumption pattern, manufacture, delivery and sales in corporate activities have become complicated. In the rapidly changing business environment along with the lack of a working population due to the low birthrate and longevity and rapid progress of digital technologies, such as IoT and AI, it is important for businesses to establish SCM that flexibly responds to environmental changes in order for them to enhance corporate competitiveness.

NTT LOGISCO visualizes your current highly complex supply chain, clarifies the gap between the current and ideal ones, and supports you with its redesign and reestablishment. We contribute to maximizing customers’ corporate value through the entire supply chain by optimally combining various SCM component functions, including the establishment of transportation and delivery networks covering the establishment of the optimum value chain with an eye on sales and growth strategies, inventory control that increases throughput and maximizes cash flow through BCP, and the development of site strategies.

Overview of SCM consulting services

In order to establish the optimum SCM, it is necessary to have a sophisticated design that considers several factors, including quality, cost, service level, and delivery time. However, these factors are complexly intertwined and have a trade-off relationship. NTT LOGISCO’s SCM consulting services propose optimum SCM strategies for customers to achieve their business strategies by placing the customers at the core.

We understand customers’ business strategies, consider what to prioritize and enhance from the customers’ point of view, and support them by establishing services that satisfy their customers. The consulting services we provide can be flexibly customized according to the SCM scope that customers can manage to control, data that customers can acquire, and resources that customers can ensure.

We can also implement your SCM operations as a 3PL provider. NTT LOGISCO provides higher quality logistics services with its unique method, LGPS (Logisco Production System), a business operation based on the traditional PDCA cycle with an additional S (standardizing) and T (training).

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