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NTT LOGISCO has set up Diversity & Inclusion as its management strategy and is developing a workplace environment where diversified human resources can play active roles regardless of their gender, age, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We have been working on various strategies and set up a Diversity Promotion Office in the Planning and General Affairs Department in October 2017. We strive to promote understanding and raise awareness of diversity, promoting work style reforms and encouraging diversified human recourse for further career advancement.

Diversity Promotion Initiatives

To raise employees’ awareness of Diversity & Inclusion, NTT LOGISCO has incorporated diversity training into training programs for all employees as well as newly appointed managers and a new employee training program.

Initiatives to promote diversified human resources to play active roles

Initiatives for workstyle reforms

NTT LOGISCO started working on work style reforms in 2015, setting maximum overtime hours for each day and days for a voluntary ban on overtime working for employees to enrich communication with their family and co-workers and promote their health management and personal development

In order for each employee to manage the work-life balance we have also introduced systems which allow employees to work flexibly. We have introduced a shift work system for each individual to set their own working hours, a flexible annual paid leave system which allows employees to take leave in half-day or 1-hour units, and also introduced telework. We are working on encouraging employees to make use of such systems.

NTT LOGISCO strives to promote employees to set days for a voluntary ban on overtime working (Wednesday and Friday every week) and take annual paid leave, and improve their work hours situation.

Initiatives for female advancement

NTT LOGISCO announced a plan on December 2013 to double the number of women managers and enhance the development and employment of women managers.

For women’s career development we provide support to increase career awareness and develop a career network for women employees, for example by providing training for women employees and dispatching employees to J-WIN, a non-profit organization* and Women's Career Development Training in NTT Group.

  • * Japan Women’s Innovation Network - It is a corporate association membership organization formed for the purpose of supporting, promoting and establishing diversity management at a company. It engages in developing women leaders and their skills by providing opportunities for businesswomen to mutually improve, spanning various business sectors and fields, with support for networking.

Support for childcare/ nursing care-work balance

For employees’ childcare/ nursing care-work balance, NTT LOGISCO has various systems in place as follows, and we are working on developing a corporate culture which facilitates employees’ easy access to these systems.

Childcare/ Maternity
Childcare leave
Leave system for child-rearing for children up to 3 years old
Shortened working-hours for childcare
Shortened working-hour system for employees with children in third grade or younger (selectable from 4, 5, or 6 hours)
Life-plan leave (childcare)
Leave system for child-rearing for children in the third year of high school or younger
Life-plan leave (infertility treatment)
Leave system for employees who wish to undergo infertility treatment
Special measures for employees who take a health check during pregnancy and after childbirth
Work exemption system that allows exemption from working hours which are deemed necessary for having health checks or receiving health guidance during pregnancy or in the year after childbirth.
Special measures on commuting during pregnancy
Work exemption system that allows exemption from work for up to 60 minutes a day when it is deemed necessary for a pregnant employee to avoid crowded public transport and reduce the burden of commuting
Long-term care
Long-term care leave
Leave system for employees with a family member who requires long-term care
Shortened working-hours for long-term care
Shortened working-hour system for employees with a family member who requires long-term care (selectable from 4, 5, or 6 hours)
Life-plan leave (long-term care)
Leave system for employees who provide long-term care for family members
Nursing care leave
Leave system that allows leave up to 5 days a year for family nursing care
Reemployment system
System to reemploy former employees based on the company’s selection who had to resign once for childcare, nursing care or transfer of their spouse and made a request to the company for reemployment within a certain period of time.

Initiatives on understanding of disabilities

  • NTT LOGISCO employs people with disabilities in the company and undertakes various engagements, working with NTT Claruty Corp., a special subsidiary in NTT Group established based on the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities.
  • NTT LOGISCO provides training for understanding disabilities to encourage employees to give consideration and support to employees and customers with disabilities. In addition, it strives to expand opportunities for employees with disabilities to play active roles through production of hand-made paper products at NTT Claruty and by outsourcing NTT LOGISCO’s website accessibility analysis to NTT Claruty.
Orthopedic impairment simulation
Visual impairment simulation
Hearing impairment simulation

Initiatives on LGBT and sexual minorities

The NTT Group has pursued initiatives related to LGBT and other sexual minorities (hereinafter called “LGBT”) since April 2016. It also allows employees to apply family benefits and leave systems for supporting their spouse and families to employees’ same-gender partners.

These initiatives won external recognition and the NTT Group was awarded gold awards at PRIDE Index 2016, PRIDE Index 2017, and PRIDE Index 2018 created by a voluntary organization, Work with Pride.