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Medical Liner®3PL / SERVICE

In March 2018, NTT LOGISCO launched the Medical Liner®, which is the special routed and shared delivery of products from multiple medical device manufacturers at the Medical Distribution Center that handles the 3PL operation for medical device logistics.

In the common medical device logistics, suitable shipping companies are selected for specific logistics needs, and products are delivered to medical device dealers or medical institutions using delivery services or routed shipments. On the other hand, NTT LOGISCO’s Medical Liner® is a high-quality delivery service in which educated and trained drivers specializing in the delivery of medical devices directly deliver products from multiple medical device manufacturers to medical institutions.

The movement management system is a screen specifically designed for medical device manufacturers.
Inspection of quantities and loading by educated and trained drivers specializing in the delivery of medical devices

Advantages of the Medical Liner®

  • 1
    Delivery cost reduction

    Efficient delivery routes connecting the destinations of multiple medical device manufacturers are designed to improve the vehicle loading efficiency and reduce delivery costs.

  • 2
    Quality improvement and reduction of material cost

    The use of specialized delivery eliminates the reloading work at stores and shipment stations along the delivery service route and during routed deliveries. This system is therefore expected to reduce accidents during delivery and mistakes in sorting and reduce material costs by using more simplified packaging.

  • 3
    Flexible services suited to delivery conditions

    Since products are delivered to destinations by educated and trained drivers specializing in the delivery of medical devices, this system flexibly accommodates delivery specifications and precautions required for individual product characteristics.

  • 4
    Reduction of the workload at destinations

    The workload for accepting shipments can be reduced at medical device dealers, which are often the delivery destination, as products from multiple medical device manufacturers are delivered at the same time.

  • 5
    We support delivery of small lot cargo

    Since the dedicated vehicle for the route delivery service uses a small vehicle for delivery, it is possible to handle even a small amount of cargo per destination. In addition, if a sudden increase in load occurs, we will respond by increasing the number of vehicles.

  • 6
    Supports return from medical device dealers to manufacturers and transportation between bases

    We also handle returns from dealers to manufacturers in connection with the medical equipment lending business, as well as inter-dealer transactions and inter-base transportation.

Areas where the service is available

Within Tokyo, north Kanto, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Osaka and Fukuoka

The service route is expanding in addition to the North Kanto Route, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Osaka,Fukuoka and the Route within Tokyo. We are now constructing a milk run (multi-stop, regularly routed shipment collection service) for implant products and surgical devices from multiple medical device dealers, which is in high demand among medical device manufacturers in the orthopedic field.

Related delivery system

Delivery truck arrangement support system

This system designs the most efficient delivery routes based on shipment information that is changing every day and the loading efficiency of vehicles.

Delivery tracing system

The barcode on the invoice is scanned when the vehicle is loaded and when the delivery is completed, and the data is trace-managed in real time via the web. In addition, we check the matching with the shipping data to prevent forgetting to load and erroneous delivery.

Dynamic management system

We manage the position of the vehicle and the delivery status in real time on the web.

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