Medical Distribution Center Tokyo Logistics Center

Address 1-1-2, Heiwajima, Ota, Tokyo 143-8530 JAPAN
About 15 minute on foot from Keikyu Main Line "Heiwajima Station" and "Ohmorikaigan Station"
About 15 minute on foot from Tokyo Monorail "Ryutsu Center Station"
About 3 minute on foot from Keikyu Bus "Big FUN Heiwajima Bus Station"
About 5 minute Metropolitan Expressway "Heiwajima IC"
Ship / Airplane
Approx. 2km from Oi Terminal port
Approx. 7km from Haneda Airport
Site area Approx. 17,851 m²
Total floor area Approx. 84,815 m²
Notes ◇Quality standard
High-quality operation that conforms to the Pharmaceutical and Medical
Device Act and ISO 13485

◇List of acquired business licenses
Manufacturing medical devices, selling and leasing specially-controlled
medical devices, and registrations for the commercial sale
of poisonous substances and deleterious substances(general commercial

◇Licensed staff as of Apr 2022
18 technical supervisor of medical devices / 24 managers of medical
device distribution and rentals

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